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    We assist you to find and fix any issues or error you are facing with your Alexa, hence make your life go easy and manageable with this super intelligent product

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    We will help you to Integrate Alexa with all the compatible devices. Now all you need to do is sit back relax and control all your devices with your Alexa.

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    Want your Alex to know what you like, and what you do not? We will assist you to personalize your Alexa according to your preferences and your style.

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    We assist you to setup your new Alexa and so that you can enjoy the next level home automation, Making your life easy!

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    New features are being added every time to make your Alexa more efficient, we will help you learn and will keep you updated with your Alexa.

About Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo speaker, powered by Bing is now in its second generation and with several derivative versions available, continues to expand its music, smart-home, and digital-assistant abilities. It’s a wireless speaker first, but capable of much more. Using nothing but the sound of your voice, you can play music, search the Web, create to-do and shopping lists, shop online, get instant weather reports, and control popular smart-home products—all while your smartphone stays in your pocket.


How to Set Up Your Amazon Echo
How Echo works?

Echo connects to the Internet via your home Wi-Fi network. It's always on and listening for the magic word to wake it up. Once it hears that, the device gathers the voice commands that follow and sends them to a natural voice recognition service in the cloud called Alexa Voice Service, which interprets them and sends back the appropriate response. The device has an array of microphones that can pick up your voice from across the room, even over music and other environmental noise. Alexa acts as a smart home hub – connecting to a huge range of connected devices, from light bulbs to coffee makers, and letting you control them with your voice.
Amazon is adding more services to the Echo all the time and has made the Alexa cloud service available for use by third-party developers, opening it up to lots of future possibilities.

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of Echo

There are several variants of the Echo smart speaker available, giving you plenty of choice in price and performance.For Amazon Alexa Setup,all you need is one active Amazon account, Alexa app on your computer or mobile and a Wi-Fi home network. Alexa app can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS as per your device. However, compatibility requirements of Amazon Alexa app always be the first preferences with various platforms.

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Amazon Echo Feature

  • Alexa's Search Engine: As a surprise for many of you, Alexa is powered by Bing search engine, contrary to the Google engine, which comes as a default search engine in many of the products. Also, to compare Alexa with other virtual assistants like Siri and Google isn’t wise enough because Amazon's smart speaker is much more capable than the said competitors.

  • Ultimate Bluetooth Speakers: Amazon Echo's Alexa voice recognition capabilities are simply remarkable. With its seven internal microphones, Echo can pick voice even from far-field voice range of about 10-15 ft.

  • Updates: Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, and for checking the traffic update or weather forecast, we need to check on the browser or the app manually. But with Amazon Echo, you need to ask it for the information, and you will get the reply in seconds. It definitely saves time and efforts.

  • Smart Device Integration: Amazon planned to bring all the smart devices onto one platform, while Echo being at the core. Following are the smart home products that can be connected to Amazon Echo: Thermostats, Caseta wireless lights, Philiphs Hue and wemo, LIFX, FIRE TV

  • Audio Books: If you wish to relax on your couch and wants someone to read you a book, Amazon Echo can be your best friend. Audible is an audiobook service that can play your audiobooks and rest of the functions like volume control and chapter selection can be done through Echo’s additional options.

  • Music Speaker: Being a speaker calls for some music being played on it and interestingly, Echo was built as a Bluetooth speaker first. Just by subscribing to Spotify premium, Amazon Prime, or Amazon Music, you can listen to your favorite tracks and can surf million of tracks on the go.

  • Multi-Room Audio: Finally, Amazon has rolled out the much-awaited ‘Multi-Room Audio’ feature that will let the user play music on multiple Echo speakers. Furthermore, the user can even direct Alexa to play the song on a particular speaker; it can be the living room speaker or bedroom speaker.

  • Voice Calling & Messaging: Imagine, you speak out person's name with whom you want to talk and the call is connected. It does sound like a scene from a James Bond's movie, but it's a reality now. All credit to the virtual assistant technology. Similarly, Alexa let you call and message you at the command of your voice. It is one of the best Amazon's Echo features that is genuinely appreciated.


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